Agrimax consortium – Spanish Pilot Plant visit

At the beginning of October 2019, the M37 Agrimax General Assembly meeting took place at Spanish partner: the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) facilities in Lleida, Spain. 

The two-day meeting updated the consortium on the progress of the project so far as well as our priorities going forward as we enter our final year. As part of the meeting, the consortium visited the Spanish Pilot Plant for the first time. Based at fruit processing factory Indulleida, the flexible, multi-feedstock plant will process waste from olives and potatoes to produce polyphenols, fibres, proteins and aromas. During the build of the plant, we welded nearly 2,000 times, used more than 400m of piping and 4,000m wiring and finally used more than 1,500m of pneumatic pipes. 

An online joint stakeholder platform will coordinate the provision of waste throughout the year to help maximise the use waste, whilst addressing seasonal and regional fluctuations to maximise efficiency and profitability. Now the equipment is installed and commissioned the trials will begin to develop the polyphenols, fibres, proteins and aromas that the plant is producing.  

Watch this space for further updates from our Spanish Pilot Plant!

And here is a quick time lapse video of the installation of the equipment!