Agrimax features in the New Biotechnology journal

Research by Agrimax partners (University of Bologna, BPF and Chiesa) has been published in gold open-access New Bioetechnology journal titled: Advances in combined enzymatic extraction of ferulic acid from wheat bran. 

Wheat is of great importance for the EU economy and wheat-derived by-products can be considered as feedstocks for biorefinery development. The journal article and work confirms that wheat bran can be regarded as a versatile by-product, suitable for biorefinery challenges and valorisation, this research has taken place at the Agrimax Italian Pilot Plant.

Highlights from the journal include:

  • The enzymatic extraction process for ferulic acid from wheat bran was optimised.
  • Phenols were recovered from wheat bran agroindustrial biomass.
  • Alcalase and Termamyl pre-treatment increased ferulic acid yield by up to 20-fold.
  • Feruloyl esterase and Pentopan specifically released ferulic acid from wheat bran.

Read the full article.

New Biotechnology Journal (PDF of the article)

Video: turning wheat bran into ferulic acid.